We'd love you to join our team.
Here at Banana Moon our team are extremely important to us and are part of our family. If you're looking to work at a nursery that puts its team first, then this could be the place for you. 

BUT, If you don’t think your special in some way, then you probably shouldn’t read on ⛔ ⛔ 😲 😲

Be sure to check out our video below about why we set up our nurseries.

If you’re someone with a BIG personality 😄 or those with a softer approach 💖 that love to dress up, paint, role play, sing, comfort, listen, support and care for each child as if they were your own V (very) I (individual) P(person), then you could be exactly what we’re looking for 👁️ 👁️ 👁️

BUT, If you don’t think your special, then you probably shouldn’t read on ⛔ ⛔ 😲 😲

Be sure to check out our other videos below....
Our Mission, Vision and Values
Here at Banana Moon our Company Values are at the heart of everything we do. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to work somewhere that had different values and beliefs than you, would you? 🤔 
👪 Family - Means everything and we’re all here to support each other.

🤐 Communication - Is vital to delivering a quality service and the effectiveness of our team.

🙏 Contribution - To our team, our families and the local community.

💝 Responsibility - To take ownership, lead when needed and be a positive role model for every child in our care.

😊 Customer Service - Always providing the best quality service to everyone including our team.
Rewards & Incentives Whilst Working At Banana Moon

✅Loyalty Bonus:

The loyalty Bonus exists as a thank you and a reward for your dedication, hard work and loyalty. As this is a yearly “bonus” it will be dependent on your continuous self-improvement and ensuring no disciplinary action has occurred for that year.
✅12month and 24month

You will receive 2% Bonus of your yearly Salary every 12 months starting after the first 12 month of employment is complete.
✅36month onwards

You will receive 4% Bonus of your yearly Salary AFTER EVERY 12 months starting on the 36th month onward of employment.
✅Sick Days

If you have 3 sick days or less within any 12 month period starting from the date of your employment you will receive an addition 1% Bonus of your yearly salary added to your bonus
✅Director’s Birthday Gift:

· Extra Day off on or around your Birthday – the day off day will be dependant on adequate cover being available without the use of agency staff
✅Extra Bonus Opportunity

· If you introduce a member of staff that we do not have to pay agency fee for, after that members 2nd month of employment is complete you will receive £200 as a referral fee.
· If you introduce a new paying client to the nursery after that child has completed 2nd month with the nursery you will receive £200 as a referral fee.

Here's what some of our parents have to say.....
We LOVE our parents and carers and we're so proud to share some of their thoughts with you...
Current Vacancies At Banana Moon
We are always looking for amazing superstars to join our team, so if you're interested in becoming a part of the Banana Moon family just fill in your details below and our team will be in contact with you. 😊😊😊
Example Vacancies
Nursery Nurse:

Nursery Nurses are responsible initially to the Room Leader, the Nursery Manager and in their absence to the named individual as per management structure of the nursery.


Nursery Nurses ensure a high quality, balanced provision of leading practice education and care is delivered; creating a safe, caring and welcoming setting in which parents are happy to entrust their child and where their child is encouraged and supported to flourish in an enabling and stimulating environment.
To adhere to Banana Moon policies and procedures and meet legislative requirements and following education curriculum, delivering standards to ensure highest possible inspection grading.
To promote a successful business with a first class reputation, engaging with the local community and marketing the nursery whilst providing excellent customer care.
Acting as a named co-ordinator relevant to their skills or training as designated by the Nursery Manager.


· To ensure operational policies and procedures implemented by Banana Moon Franchise are adhered to, ensuring relevant legislation is met.
· Maintain and promote the brand of Banana Moon Franchise.
· To support and demonstrate inspiring and ambitious practice.
· Respond professionally to complaints (verbal/written), recording and reporting to management and assist positively with any actions required.
· Assist with Head Office Quality Improvement Visits and Inspections.
· Adhere to room ratios in line with policy and rotas.
· Ensure daily room registers and records of children in attendance are accurate.
· Adhere to Health and Safety policies, completing risk assessments, hazard logs and documentation as set out in the operational plan.
· To participate in the emergency and security procedures such as emergency evacuation, door security and e-safety.
· Be alert to issues of safeguarding, ensuring that the welfare and safety of the children and adults is paramount, recording and reporting any concerns to the DSL.
· Maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in practice, ensuring relevant documentation is completed as required.
· To administer first aid and medication as appropriate and keeping the manager informed of any actions.
· Active involvement in staff meetings, which support continually evolving high standards of practice.
· Participate in the induction process for students’ continuing a programme of mentoring and guidance.
· Participate in safer recruitment process, providing trial feedback on candidates.
· To understand key children’s culture, level of development and identify next steps with line mangers support.
· To work with colleagues in observation, assessment and planning, to ensure the provision of a stimulating environment with a balance of challenging and inspiring child/adult lead activities reflecting children’s individual needs and interests.
· To ensure the detailed record keeping for key children’s development maintaining these records on a regular basis with quality meaningful observations and assessments and to involve parents in the process of planning and sharing of children’s progress.
· Oversee the settling in of new children in a sensitive manner, ensuring all relevant documentation is completed, liaising closely with parents and staff to ensure home life and children’s interests are utilised for reassurance.
Customer Service Operations

· To participate in informative, professional and welcoming show rounds to prospective customers.
· Maintain confidentiality of sensitive family information whilst adhering to child protection policy and procedures.
· Contribute to nursery communication with parents via newsletters, parent’s evenings, open days/evenings, building and maintaining strong key person relationships.
· To undertake such other duties as reasonably requested by the Manager to work in a flexible way when occasions that tasks arise which are not specifically covered in their job description.

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